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Friday, 14 March 2014

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City: Alden, Minnesota
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Full Square, square ft:1000


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It might Sound Crazy for those who don’t have the knowledge about Ancient Vedic Science which was originated in Vedic Civilization that is around 10,000 to 5000BC in India, where the people of that era followed this in constructions of homes, temples and hermitages with a belief to bring peace and harmonious living and Human beings attain divinity with this knowledge. Where this science was brought down by generations that was lost or diluted in the process, they were later on commonly called as on “VASTHU SHASTRA” or “VASTHU SHILPA” In Sanskrit it is also said as science of construction, Which is originated from “STAPATYA VEDA” which is a part of “ATHARVANA VEDA” one among the 4 Vedas. The Traditional and the modern Indian Construction were based on a directional study in Science with the directional montage of “PANCHBHUTAS” That is Air, water, earth, space, fire. Where earth is composed of those 5 that has the connection with the Sun and the moon that combines with man and material, Vasthu is basically the combinational and constructional Study based on Panchbhutas with the sun and the moon. The Vasthu Shilpa is of two parts in which “DEVA SHILPA” talks about the construction of Temples, Idiots and Statues and the “MAANAVA SHILPA” Says about the construction of House, Commercial Places, Schools and Colleges. Both the parts have a wide and detailed application and scientific theories of constructing any buildings to live and let life’s live with the flow of energy and synergy.
Vasthu implies a belief that the surroundings can have an impact on life to the extent of affecting life, happiness, Prosperity and also the probability of opportunity that comes to the life. It is important to build a building that is not only for saving energy but also to have a better house design, which also has to give comfortable living with good health, prosperity and wealth to the people who live there, this happens when we have a good knowledge about the eight directions that depends upon the sun rise and sun set. They are North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest all the directions has its own significance and has its own construction where the basic rule of Vasthu Shastra and Vedas Implies this in their theories. Vasthu is an admixture of science, astronomy of astrology, which is covered with the influence of sun, moon, the heat, the earth’s atmosphere, wind direction, magnetic field and gravitation force on human beings. It has an impact on the human body, mind and soul that relate to the place where they live, it also suggests the living conditions of a human with connection to the earth’s energy flow.
Thus the science of Veda has numerous parts in it and which needs years and years of understanding and research to have a deep mastery of it thus have managed to bring out glimpse and gilts of Vasthu Shilpa which can be explored in detail on each of its nodes. It is a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. Now these days Vasthu is playing a vital role in indian human life and covers the all domains.
5 element1s of Vasthu- Earth, water, Air, Fire, Space
Vasthu specifies certain rules about constructing the building which can be naturally implemented only at the time of construction. So that, we offer you an “A SMALL SITE WITH VASTHU POTENTIAL”- Enjoying the life better with the loving spouse.
At Mtorris we give you the flexibility to choose your dream house based on various parameters.
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